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You need to follow a method composed of different steps that together form something I've called "The Formula."

And here, I'll explain it to you.

My clients

For 3 years, I have had the pleasure of creating graphic assets for the social media platforms of over 20 brands: Restaurants, clothing brands, breweries, political projects, marketing agencies, artisanal product brands, cleaning service companies, among others.

I have always ensured my clients an impeccable aesthetic, an organized and appealing feed, captivating and functional content, and, of course, a solid strategy that supports our entire operation.

1. Let's Understand Your Brand

Before we begin, it's important to clarify your brand's values, purpose, target audience, and communication tone.


2. Prioritize the Information

Depending on your business type and brand's needs, we define the percentages in which the content will be divided between valuable content, promotion content and positioning content.


3. Define the Topics to Address

Taking into account the four aspects mentioned above, we move on to selecting the information to be shared on your profile. This should include valuable content, promotions, and positioning.


4. Select the Content

With a clear understanding of the information to be shared and the intention behind it, we create content categories distributed across the month's schedule.


5. Create Schedule

Once we have the content categories and the formats in which they will be published, we proceed to place this information on the calendar, so we can determine the type of content that corresponds to each day of the month.


6. Develop Copies and Scripts

Guided by the schedule instructions, we proceed to write each of the copies for the graphic pieces and the scripts for the videos.


7. Develop Copies and Scripts

After the copies and the entire schedule are approved, we move on to the design phase, where we follow the brand book of the brand (in case it doesn't exist, we will create one) in order to convey the desired graphic identity.

EXTRA: Community Manager

After each graphic piece has been approved, they will be published according to the agreed-upon schedule, along with captions and hashtags suggested by our community manager


EXTRA: Marketing (For the Ambitious)

To accelerate growth and reach a larger audience, we can explore digital marketing strategies.



All of my services come with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, which means that every project I deliver will be subject to any necessary changes to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final outcome.

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