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Your brand needs a 

Brand Book

Your brand deserves to stand out and be memorable. A brand book is your key to achieving that. It's a guide that defines your identity, from visual appearance to tone of voice. With it, your brand will be consistent, captivating, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Freezt (Sportswear Brand)

In this project, the challenge was to create a brand that represented the feeling of freedom when waking up early to do sports. It also needed to have a bold personality and a minimalist graphic identity that could convey its concept in a non-literal and slightly mysterious way.

Outcome: We decided to name it "freezt," referring to the superlative form of "free" (freest) but changing the "s" to a "z" to make it phonetically sonorous, short, and intriguing. We then designed its logo, which consists of a minimalist pair of wings formed by six horizontal lines. It's worth noting that the letters in the logo were built from scratch, meaning no standard typography was used in its creation. This was done to ensure that all the elements that make up the logo blend perfectly.

Deliverables: This was a very comprehensive branding project, so the final deliverables included: Logo and variations, brand book, naming study, slogan, design of store bags and shipping bags, tag and label design, alternate logos, promotional flyers, reference presentation, welcome card, social media graphics, among many other elements that give this brand a very clear and distinguished identity.

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Lácteos La Gaviota
(Artisanal Dairy Products)

In this case, the challenge was to create a brand for artisanal dairy products while preserving the name "La Gaviota," which is also the name of the farm where the milk for their products is produced. Therefore, a project so artisanal, made possible by a family tradition inherited over generations, had to have a graphic identity that honored its entire history and tradition.

Outcome: Both in its logo and on the labels of all its products, the standout feature is the sketch-style illustrations in a single color that give it a rustic and non-minimalist appearance. This style works well for brands seeking to represent their tradition and antiquity. The labels also feature illustrations of each product, and their names are handwritten by the grandmother who founded this farm.

Deliverables: Upon completion, the logo, brand book, promotional flyers, social media graphics, and labels for various products were delivered, including Greek yogurt, drinkable yogurt, "7 cueros" cheese, ghee butter, cream, ricotta cheese, curdled mozzarella cheese, cheese with bocadillo (guava paste), among others.

SIMILAR JOBS also done by me


Xublime. (Creative Agency)

In this project, the challenge was to create branding for a creative agency that aimed to invite brands to cross the portal into the digital channels with the help of a strong strategy, effective management, and impeccable aesthetics. The identity needed to maintain a minimalist style while showcasing their design skills and creatively conveying their concept.

Outcome: We decided to name it "Xublime." alluding to the sublime nature of their designs. By replacing the "s" with an "x," we gave it a distinct identity and later utilized this resource for wordplay. Furthermore, we emphasized their concept of inviting brands to "cross the portal" through symbolism incorporated into the letter "X," where an arrow appears to be pointing towards a portal, as if about to traverse it. The color palette and gradient incorporated into the design also reinforce the portal concept, giving it a technological and futuristic appearance.

Deliverables: In the end, we delivered their logo with variations, a brand book, templates for quotations and invoices, social media graphics, a presentation of their services, and business cards.

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Star Balloons
(Inflatable Events Company)

In this case, the client wanted their brand to have a graphic identity reminiscent of comics, with colorful illustrations playing a major role. The brand needed to tell a story, and to achieve this, we also had to design a corporate character that would personify the brand.

Outcome: Ultimately, we arrived at a result where, despite the colorful illustrations being a prominent feature and representing the desired comic book identity, we were also able to develop a single-color version. This version is very useful as it allows the logo to be used in any circumstance and ensures its longevity without the need for restyling.

Deliverables: The final deliverables consisted of the logo with multiple variations, a brand book, the corporate mascot in three positions, a flyer explaining their services, and business cards.

SIMILAR JOBS also done by me