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Catalogs Design

Your product or service may be excellent, but it is the way you present it that persuades someone to make a purchase.

Wall Street Restaurant Menu

Comprising 15 custom illustrations with a style that allows it to be elegant, yet retain its delicatessen identity.


Brooklyn Restaurant Menu

For this project, our team took photos of the dishes and, after making some adjustments with AI, we proceeded to design a menu with a very distinctive identity.

Catalog of Colombian Snacks

Featuring product photography, simple compositions, and photo editing, we managed to design this small catalog to showcase the products on offer and amusingly and provocatively explain what's inside.


Interactive Livestock Auction Catalog

This auction was an outstanding success, exceeding all organizers' expectations and setting national records for each of the auctioned breeds.

(Within this catalog, you will find links that will direct you to videos showcasing each individual specimen.)

Dental Products Catalog

This catalog was created in conjunction with the branding for "LA TIENDA DEL ODONTÓLOGO," who sought to embrace a playful identity and break away from the conventional and dull designs commonly found in dental product brands.


Beer Catalog

This catalog was crafted to showcase the extensive selection of imported beers that THE CAPITA STORE offers to its retail audience.

Within these pages, you'll encounter a professional yet playful design that places the spotlight on the array of products being presented.

Brochure for a Law Firm

In this particular scenario, we faced the challenge of building a brand identity from the ground up as the client lacked a logo and brand guidelines. Nevertheless, we successfully infused this concise service catalog with the seriousness and professionalism that the client envisioned, achieving a modern and minimalist aesthetic.


Agricultural Products Catalog

Within this catalog, we proudly present the diverse range of offerings from MILKAMPO, each product thoughtfully showcased. We have adopted an understated yet refined style, accentuated by subtle details that imbue it with character, setting it apart from the mundane and outdated designs so commonly found in agricultural product catalogs.

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